Dec 18, 2006


Technology and food has always been a long debate: food pills and genetically modified food (meat, vegetables and fruits) do exist before some of us were even born! From another perspective, the whole world populations used to be farmers, growing their own food; how many farmers do you know? Hardly any! How many modern farmers – modern farmer referring to any information and/or technology related practitioner/individual, who is taking part in cultivating technology – do you know???

In a way, it sheds some light on the future of online meals ordering. However, it is a simple example of how our lives, as individuals, are being recorded; each one of us is digitized, a digital number in cross-multi databases. GPS (global positioning systems) are no longer microchips injected under spies’ skins; they exist in our mobile phones, cars, portable computers, credit cards, etc; where we are, with whom, what we are buying, using, etc. Eventually, a digital profile for each individual will exist (it already does), it would list your preferred and/or favourite restaurant, drinks, groceries, cloths and shoes brands, books, weekends’ runaways, your medical records, vital signs, social interaction status, the list is endless.

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