Feb 1, 2006

Creative thinking, writing and design

There is this joint Master degree being offered for the first time in Lebanon, where LAU is part of it!
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This part of the module will focus on the intellectual linkage of art, design and technology. Students will also be presented with a range of criteria to analyse the context of creative practises in new media. 50 students will be selected to participate in the first online phase of the course.

Personally, I have been up close and personal with some of the candidates discussing their proposals and approaches. It is very interesting to engage from a third party perspective and evaluate the journey I have been through, through the lenses of that course.

The proposal should be a project idea for a creative digital production in the fields of art, design, and technology, expressing your reflections on traditional and contemporary Arab culture. You might want to consider it more as a digital media art project, or a design project that makes use of digital technologies. So, you have to present us with a proposal for such a project, and how you would plan to work on it during Part 2 and 3.

What the evaluators will be looking for in the proposals are:
- fresh ideas with an aesthetical approach
- artistic imagination and creative interpretation
- critical perspectives with socio-cultural implications
- use of technology as an expressive language etc. but yet the project should be very much accessible and feasible

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