Sep 10, 2006

Shaped by Technology

All types of media mostly generated and communicated by technology are shaping our thinking, behaviours and our lives (more or less). The relation to performativity [the daily behaviour of individuals based on the norms of the society in which they live (Wikipedia)]; eventually, we live in a society highly impacted by technology reflected through a number of media mediums.

Though I am sure it applies to all of you guys, along with millions of people around the world, I may be describing myself when I state my ‘incompleteness’ without one, if not all, of the media ways I got myself accustomed almost every day; my mobile, my music player, my computer, my internet [with its wide selection of email, blog, multiple examples of social software, etc], my TV, my palm handled, to mention a few. Here is a worth reading article about how technology is shaping our lives, to which many of you would relate: Can you imagine your life without a cell phone? A computer? A TV?.

Some argue that our thumbs are getting bigger due to the daily and constant exposure to mobile and most technological devices. What do you think about that!!!

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