Nov 24, 2006

Violence and adult content!

Banned computer and video games are another aspect of ‘on the edge’ of the media; some would argue that media is a double edge sword, although we all would agree that its benefits are way more than its vices; just like the internet allowed pornography to be accessible and widespread; or terrorists claims, demands, threats and messages of kidnappings; or use of mobile and emails for school bullying (there even is a game on school bullying!); etc. I guess the issue here is the set of rules and regulations standardize by governments and most importantly, social behaviour as well as individuals and families nurture in respect to ethics, values and norms. It is also worth mentioning the lack of convenient decisions/rules based on appropriate and relative research: Graffiti is a form of art, "freedom of expression" which if ever given the opportunity of providing art spaces (i.e. Canada) there would be a notable decrease in demand on such games. Australia is not the only country to ban similar violent and/or adult video games, censorship is also applied in New Zealand, China (for disrespecting Chinese culture and history), and Greece (any type of video game is illegal!) to name a few.

Why would there be adult content in children’s games from the first place? Why would they design "coffees" and code them in a findable/accessible way? When I think about it, the designers of the game are very aware of the market and are targeting these teens/users from different angles, violence (unrestricted violence in doing/applying everything the society would stand against) and adult content; both angles are highly desired, addictive, and rewarding to that specific group age despite the un-ethicality.

Should really make us think! Are we, as consumers of media, unable to distinguish from the virtual and the real world?

I would say… Yes and No… for a whole set of reasons.

What do you guys reckon???

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