Mar 1, 2011

The simple two-step process

"Step one: Open all doors. Learn a little about a lot. Consider as many options as possible, then add more.

Step two: Relentlessly dismiss, prune and eliminate. Choose. Ship.

The problem most people run into is that they mix the steps and confuse them. During step one, they aren't open enough, aren't willing enough to consider the impossible. And then, in step two, fear of shipping kicks in and they stay open too long, hold on to too many options and hesitate.

Simple doesn't always mean easy.

by Seth Godin

It's interesting to see the dynamics of the interaction amongst teams and projects when drawing back on experience. I would non-reluctantly avow that I have been on both extremes; yet, the proper recipe is a the right amount of the ingredients, being it arrogance, guts, knowledge, perception, and most importantly, awareness and skills!

I feel pity for the teams who miss on the values, on many levels. Being in a position where I was very fortunate to experience remarkable production, efficiency and success makes it trivial to critique the other side of the fence...

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